Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 177

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Laughing because my morning bus driver totally looked like the guy with the long grey hair who sings or used to sing with the Gaither quartet (and yes, you can mock me for knowing what a member of the Gaither quartet looks like!)
  2. Sunshine
  3. Sweet blog comments from a variety of friends
  4. Tea biscuits from Tim Horton's (a regular treat purchased for eating during class)
  5. Solidifying a topic that will be used for a term paper in one class and a presentation in another (I totally managed to choose a topic that was entirely inspired by a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - who else do you know that has written/will write academic papers with that sort of inspiration?)
  6. feeling lighter - like life came easier today
  7. making progress on a couple different reading projects
  8. vietnamese take out with friends before attending a lecture together
  9. having the privilege to attend a lecture on "harm reduction" that was fascinating and so important, and that I will be blogging about very soon
  10. the feeling of crawling into bed for the evening and knowing that while there is homework to be done, there are no classes tomorrow, and I can breathe a bit easier for a day or so


christianne said...

It sounds so nice to hear that you're crawling into bed with a feeling of peace (at least, that's the way I read it) because tomorrow holds rest for you and space to do the things left undone today. I've been laying here in bed thinking of all the things to do and not feeling that peace at all. I murmured aloud, "So many things to do ... so little time to do them ... and still my body needs time to sleep." It's hard not to feel anxious when I'm noticing those things.

PS: I've never tried Vietnamese food but have always wanted to! What dish would you recommend I try first?

Lisa said...

Oh Christianne - I so know that feeling! It's why tonight is such a blessing, I've been feeling the way you're describing for several weeks now.

As for Vietnamese, I get the same dish at almost every restaurant (and in Calgary, for whatever reason, there are probably as many Vietnamese restaurants as coffee shops!). The dish I like is called "Bun" It's rice vermicelli with meat, vegetables, spring rolls and a fish sauce on top, and I LOVE it - absolutely one of my favorite foods, affordable, and quite healthy (if you don't count the deep fried spring rolls!) :D

Miss said...

OOps, I lost my post. Stopped for a minute to try to get Meredith's monologue on Grey's... Yes, I've gone back to watching it! Gosh, some of these women are very good at saying how they feel, when the are pushed into a corner. I could learn something!

Oooh, so much learning, books, reading, papers, having fun with friends before class. I miss uni'!

Vietnamese is delicious, isn't it? Less oily, cooked more lightly than Chinese. Thai is my favourite - all that basil and chilli. Oh, I do like vegetarian Mee Goreng, too.

Hope you've had a restful day.


Lisa said...

It was a restful day :)


christianne said...

Thanks for the suggestion of Bun! You're making me hungry. :)

Lisa said...

You'll have to let me know if you try it, Christianne! So good.