Thursday, January 06, 2011

An Update On Where Things Are At

I haven't talked much about my plans to pursue nursing for a while.  That's because everything has been up in the air as I waited to see if I was accepted into the program this go around.  I finally heard yesterday, and below is the email update I sent out to friends:

Hi All,

So, I finally talked to the nursing department today and confirmed what I'd already guessed - I was not accepted into the nursing program for this go round.  Instead, I've spent a good portion of the day sorting out the details around registering in classes as an "open studies" (basically undeclared) student, with the hopes that taking these classes will bring my GPA up enough to be accepted into nursing for a September entry. 

If I'm really honest, I'm fairly disappointed, and hurting a bit, but I still feel mostly peaceful.  I still believe that nursing is the path that God has directed me towards, and I believe that it will happen in his timing.

I'm choosing to see the five classes that I've enrolled in as simply a necessary step towards nursing.  In some ways, I feel like this is still God's way of creating time around me to continue to heal and become strong and whole before diving into the challenges of studying towards a new career path.

Please pray for me, too, as I begin to study.  Pray for diligence in me as I work, and for the ability to really retain and understand the material in the courses I'm taking.  There is a definite need to perform well in these classes in order that they do actually pull up my GPA and allow me to be admitted to nursing.

The rest of my life remains very much up in the air.  My short term contract at the Mustard Seed came to an end at the end of December, and I'll once again be looking for a job.  Please pray that the right job would present itself - one that will meet my financial needs, but will still allow me to devote the time necessary to study successfully.

And, my living situation remains incredibly tenuous.  I most definitely need to relocate out of Grandma's house, but my ability to do so will depend to a large extent on where I end up working, and what my income is.  Because I don't own a car, I'll also need to find something affordable that is easily accessible by public transit.  You can pray that the right living situation would also present itself to me.

I'd love to hear how each of you are doing, and I so appreciate your friendship and your prayers.

Much love to all of you!



Anonymous said...

Praying for you Lisa. Glad you are still pursuing the courses and enrollment this coming September. Praying also for your living situation. Hugs. S.s

Jenny said...

Sorry that you've not got the place you wanted for this round. Glad you are delayed but not deterred, and I really hope these courses you do are a blessing to you, even though it may not seem like it right now.

I will surely pray, for the right job, and for you to find a safe, restful place to live and dwell as you study.

Thanks for sharing with we blog readers.