Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To Do

Just because I need a spot to make a list of what still needs to (or at least hopefully should) be done today (because maybe if I post it here, having listed it publicly will drive me to accomplish it!):
  • tackle the items on my paper to do list for the day
  • take a yoga class tonight
  • finish the reading for the week for my latin American history class
  • make a trip to the mall to pick up several items that are on my needed items list
  • finish the reading for the week for my European history class
  • 3 healthy meals
  • mail a letter that is riding around in my purse
  • tackle the first week's work of the medical terminology class
  • work on a list project that's been on my "to do" list for the last three weeks
  • write a daily 5 post tonight
  • stop at the community food market after the mall to pick up some food items and supplements
  • try to make time for some pleasure reading as well


Jenny said...

History classes! Oh, my favourite!

Do you have to do papers on areas of particular interest?

Lisa said...

Hey Jenny - yep, there will be term papers to write in both history classes, though I haven't decided on topics yet.