Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 129

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A giant early morning moon smiling at me as I waited to catch the bus to work this morning
  2. colored lights twinkling through windowpanes visited by Jack Frost
  3. a bit longer and relatively peaceful sleep last night than I've been having lately
  4. using my iphone on the bus
  5. Yesterday over lunch I mentioned to a friend that I felt slightly deprived because I'd never seen the seemingly iconic Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon.  I was feeling that I'd missed a cultural phenomena or something.  Today my friend popped by my office just for a minute to drop off a copy of the cartoon that she'd purchased for me as a Christmas gift.  It totally made me smile, and I'm already plotting when in the next several crazy days I can find time to curl up with a blanket and watch it.
  6. escaping work a bit early this afternoon
  7. prepping the favorite family appetizer for Christmas Eve
  8. the fact that my job is very much redemptive in both my life, and in it's purpose
  9. getting to meet the lady who goes with my favorite humorous language barrier work story from this year.
  10. many, many brilliant snarky emails traded with a friend
  11. conversation and laughter on the phone with a dear friend
  12. dreaming a bit of travel while writing the reverb 10 post for tonight
  13. getting a few Christmas cards in the mail (the rest will just have to be for new years!)
  14. that tonight will be an early to bed night, since tomorrow will be a very early morning
  15. clean drinking water (so random, but I think about it a lot, since water is my beverage of choice and I really do enjoy good, clean, filtered water)