Friday, December 03, 2010

Busy Friday

I'm stealing a few minutes while I eat lunch to pop in here.  I'll be back later tonight with the reverb10 prompt for the day, and of course the daily 5.

It's a busy day today.  A local radio station is doing a toy and turkey drive (Toykey - say that 10 times fast!) for us today, and so people are running around like mad, collecting and sorting donations.

I've got to say that as someone who generally doesn't love the Christmas season, working for a charitable organization during Christmas is kind of fun.  I'm still loving the fact that I make tons and tons of happy calls a day.  I'm working with some pretty incredible people who really believe that they can and will make a difference in our city.  It's not a bad way to spend the Christmas season, all in all.

This morning I worked for several hours inventorying toys, and I'm doing paperwork for a few minutes before heading back to the inventorying duties.  Not a bad way to spend a Friday, either - up and moving around.

This weekend includes my usual routine of having a two night "sleepover" at my parent's house, to escape my crazy living situation for a little bit and have a chance to rest.  It's a full weekend, with appointments and time with friends, and celebrating the fact that one of my dear friends is going to welcome a child to her family sometime early in the new year.  And then Sunday, Sunday is for bus reading, or maybe the zoo, or both.  And that time will be just what I need as well.