Thursday, November 11, 2010


I got a rather nasty anonymous comment tonight on the Remembrance Day post I wrote this morning.

But, there was some truth in the words of the comment that caused me to re-think, and pull the post.

Mostly because I think the things I initially talked about take away from the sentiment that I really wanted to express.

That sentiment is this:

I'm definitely a person with pacifist leanings, but I'm so incredibly grateful for those who serve in the armed forces of both of the countries in which I hold citizenship.  I'm thankful for all of those who gave their lives and served (and serve!) their countries, in order that I can have the freedom to live out a lifestyle that prefers a pacifist approach.

I'm proud to be both Canadian and American on days like today.  Proud to be from two countries that both exemplify freedom of religion and expression.

And it's important to me to stop and remember the fallen and carry the torch of freedom.

Thank you - to those in my family who have served in the armed forces, and to all of those who are members of someone else's family.

Thank you for sacrificing yourselves for my freedom.