Friday, November 05, 2010


An update on some of the things going on in my life is long overdue.

But that will have to wait for later.

I'm off to engage again in the habit I picked up last weekend.  Riding the bus, reading and praying.  It's absolutely something that cannot be permanently added to my day, especially once I'm back at work (starting November 15th!).  But for now, for this week, and maybe next, those three hours have become precious time to pause.

When I get back, the plan is to sit at my computer and catch up on all sorts of items - everything from emails to blog posts.  I have a number of posts for here brewing in my head.  Things I'd like to get written today and ready for days when I need something to post and just can't quite come up with anything on the spot.

The sunshine we've had all week seems to be fading, and I'm recognizing again today that winter is on it's way, and soon.

And so, I'm off to take advantage of that little bit of sun, and sit and read and pray, touring the city.