Saturday, October 30, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 76

An introduction to the daily 5 can be found here.

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Hemp limp balm from the Body Shop
  2. Watching a behind the scenes cooking show about Disneyland.  This I wouldn't have cared about before I went to California, besides finding it mildly interesting.  But, after touring my friend LP/CA's favorite escape, and hearing all her tidbits of behind the scenes trivia, it was totally fascinating to watch the show today, and made me laugh.
  3. spending several hours on various random buses, reading.  I decided that taking a few different bus routes around the city for about three hours this afternoon would be the perfect way to accomplish some reading I needed to do, as well as be out and about a bit, and enjoying the sun.  it was lovely, and may become a regular feature of my Saturday routine.
  4. Sunshine.  It wasn't warm today, really, but the sun was out, and there wasn't snow, and after this grey week, the sun was a lovely blessing
  5. Allaying a fear
  6. An appointment this morning that was good
  7. Stopping at the Farmer's Market - good smells, bright colors, happy people, fresh food
  8. getting a few necessary errands done
  9. Some serious out loud laughter over emails traded with friends today
  10. buying new slippers
  11. eating a lovely meal for supper that I purchased at the farmer's market
  12. Food Network - hey, a girl needs her escapist television, and some of my favorites involve food that looks so beautiful that I want to taste it, even if it's filled with stuff I would never eat in real life.
  13. enjoying the book I was reading
  14. bus connections that went smoothly
  15. having a good day after a really rough night


Anonymous said...

Hooray for DL. Want to come and go Wednesday? :-D We're supposed to be at about 26 and sunny I heard!

Hooray for your bus outing and great finds at the farmer's market - and getting reading done and enjoying it.

And hooray for the true laughing out loud over some emails.


Lisa said...

well, I don't travel quite as umm... spontaneously as you've been known to, but I could get a flight on Tuesday and be there in time to join you :)

Love that you convert the temperatures for me :)

hugs friend!

Anonymous said...

Arriving Tuesday sounds lovely...then again, if you left tomorrow you could be here on Monday for both your day and our prayer thing ;-)

See, it'll all be so much better when you decide to relocate to the "other" CA...the commercials are all trying, too!

besides, then you'll auto-convert temps in your head. That one I just guessed on. I know 82=28 (or someone told me that and I believed it!) and it was supposed to be high 70's or maybe 80, so I figured 26 was close enough to not do google to really convert it. Ha ha.

In three weeks I'll be writing and having to convert to F for everyone but you...I'll have to remember not to convert everything. I wish it'd warm up over there. The temps aren't as high as they had been and after all our rain I'd like the heat! :-)

Lisa said...

I'm relocating, I'm relocating... when is the only bit up in the air :)

and how hard will you laugh when I say that I actually looked just now at flights for tomorrow so I could be there for Monday??? :D

hoping you get your sun in your upcoming destination :)

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee! Wish you could just hop down here! The room's ready for company!

Lisa said...

ugh... so tempting - especially given that it looks like I won't be making that hoped for early December trip...

I actually thought about it this week - I should just go... if only I knew about the job stuff for sure, I'd totally get on a plane tomorrow or Monday...

christianne said...

I love that idea you discovered about taking random bus routes around the city for 3 hours in order to get reading done while being out and about with the rest of the world. That is so cool. I don't live in a very bus-friendly town, but if public transportation were a way of life here, I would totally give that idea a try too. :)

Lisa said...

Christianne - I tried it again today. It worked again. I'm definitely going to keep it in mind for the future. And the funny thing is, my home town isn't all that transit friendly either (though the fact that it isn't very transit friendly means that there are lots of nice longish bus routes to hop on and off of in random places), but when you don't have a vehicle, you learn to make it work :)