Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 51

Today's Daily 5:
  1. sunshine
  2. a day in the mountains with mom's cousin, who I really enjoy
  3. hiking up to Grassi Lakes and then appreciating the waterfall on the way back down
  4. eating lunch at a tea shop I'd always wanted to eat at
  5. driving home the back way
  6. Vietnamese for dinner
  7. sharing dinner with a long time friend
  8. sarcasm and laughter over dinner and a walk and curling up in the basement at mom and dad's to keep talking and laughing
  9. praying with a good friend too
  10. laughing at an inadvertent discovery that a friend and I who bought the same scarf together were both wearing them in our separate cities today, and both thought of texting the other to tell them, but never quite got to it.  the random coincidence made me giggle.


Anonymous said...

Twas indeed quite funny in our separate CA locales we each were wearing them and intending to but never managing to text it. I even mentioned it to mom when I talked to her on my way to dinner!

You guys were smart tonight to finish your conversation indoors. My friend and I (C from the prayer group) tend to wind up closing down stores and then randomly opting to complete 1-2 plus more hours of conversation in dark and cold parking lots until after midnight and then security guards sometimes happen by. Oops! Thus we're trying to meet at my house now...we seemed to wind up forgetting to ever have a "second spot" for after we outlasted whatever the first destination was!

Glad you had fun in your mountains..glad you had good time with your friend...glad we had scarf prompted smiles :-)

Lisa said...

well, our backup plan was to go for a walk, but it turned out that we could commandeer the basement for an hour or so without bothering anyone! and yep, I've had a few of those long, in the parking lot conversations. But it's really too cold to have those outside here, so we usually end up in a car (think of my healing story for reference!)