Thursday, September 02, 2010


It's Thursday morning and I'm sitting in the sun in my parent's living room.

Today will be full of cleaning tasks.  Getting the basement ready for the influx of company from my mom's family that begin to arrive tomorrow.  I have mixed feelings about mom's family a lot of the time.  They all live far away, and most of the time I regret that I don't really have much relationship with an entire side of my family.  When they're here, though, (and that's rare) I remember that I find it really bizarre to be with these people.  These people who I share blood with, but not really a lot of relationship.  These people who suddenly want to know stuff about my life - lots of stuff.  I'm an introvert, and don't readily share the private stuff with even my immediate family, but I have a hard time evading direct questions, too.  And, they're intense people, these family members.

So, I'm mentally preparing myself for this.  Especially since for the first couple of days, my parents will be out of town, and I'm actually playing host.

In the meantime, it's Thursday, and I'm going to clean.  I'm going to pray for a friend grieving a fresh loss, and one remembering a loss that happened 20 years ago today.  I'm going to go to house church tonight, and pause and rest a little somewhere in the middle of the day.

And I'm remembering.  Because it hit me last night that three years ago this weekend a sequence of events that have changed me life completely were set in motion.  It's been a crazy three years, and nothing looks the same.  And I'm okay, but I'm pausing for a moment too, to breathe a little.  To absorb the stunning reality that it has really been three years. 

So, it's Thursday, and I have things to do.  Thinking. Praying. Remembering.  Resting. Cleaning.  Worshipping.  Trusting.  Preparing.  Things to do on this Thursday.