Monday, September 27, 2010

San Diego de Alacala Mission (California Part 4)

One of my favorite stops was the first Franciscan mission established in Southern California.  I'm a sucker for history, and for places that have been dedicated to prayer for years and years.  There is a peace in those sorts of places that is striking to me and always moves me deeply.  That this particular mission was Franciscan and had images of Claire and Francis of Assisi, both saints that are a dear part of my heart, made it a particularly lovely place to walk through.  If I ever move south, as Lisa is campaigning for me to do, (and as I'm considering anyway!), this would definitely be a place that I'd be going to to pray.


Anonymous said...

Next time we'll go to the Oceanside one, too.

Lisa said...

LOVE the promise of next time :) (whether or not it holds more missions)

two more days (I think, can't quite remember) of trip stories!