Saturday, September 18, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2 Day 35

Today's Daily 5:
  1. 2 years and 35 days of making these lists
  2. filling in the gaps from years of blog stories and emails
  3. putting faces to names
  4. early morning prayer and processing with my friend Karla's lovely music in the background
  5. "after I feel the sun on my face, my soul it will sprout again"
  6. Moroccan mint tea
  7. seeing beautiful artwork
  8. laughing over our complete inability to use a corkscrew and open the icewine we'd planned to share last night
  9. surviving "game night" with L's grandma
  10. seeing California's version of mountains


Anonymous said...

11. winning two of the five rounds of Rummy-Kub against Grandma
12. yummy Julian apple pie in the fridge if we ever have a meal that isn't too big so we can appreciate it (breakfast!? hee, hee)
13. much conversation, prayer, stories, sharing, etc., about Morocco
14. eye-roll worthy ridiculously big cake slices at Claim Jumper (not that we'd ever have wanted them!)
15. Grandma trying to persuade you to move to CA :-) Well, you know, the other CA. Ha ha.
16. Deciding all of L's friends really :are: as great as you were told and that you were just going to "borrow" them.

P.S. 10 should probably be San Diego...the rest of the state will take offense ;-)

Anonymous said...

17. "It's what it (walking up a friend's really lovely and well landscaped driveway/yard area) smells like in the botanical garden in the zoo"

Lisa said...

18. co-writing daily 5 lists with the "peanut gallery" sitting across the room, making suggestions, and watching the grin as she plans what items she'll add to the list once I've posted it

Anonymous said...