Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 24

Today's Daily 5:
  1. A nearly full day (and an overnight) of solitude at mom and dad's.  I haven't had more than a couple hours in a row of real alone time since I moved into grandma's house at the end of February, and that made today a really lovely blessing.
  2. a slow day, marking tasks off a list, but also doing restful things that I enjoy
  3. pumpkin cookies
  4. buying a few travel necessities for my upcoming trip
  5. a natural health treatment tonight that went well
  6. pausing to consider "breaking the silence" on some things... in a way that seems feasible, if not exactly "safe"


Anonymous said...

7. That this time next week your friend can comment on your Daily 5 in person instead of being the peanut gallery adding into your comment box all the time :-D

Lisa said...

ooo... I like this number 7, though the peanut gallery in my inbox certainly does cause a lot of smiles too :)