Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm still in bed.  And it's not because I'm sick.

For the first time in ten weeks, this morning I have no studying waiting for me.

And the relief is sweet.

This summer has been challenging as I studied, and began to deal with all kinds of personal stuff from my past that was also surfacing.

I wrote my last exam yesterday. and I'm spending this morning in bed.  Resting.  Thinking.  Praying.

Even my subconscious felt the relief, and even my dreams shifted gears this morning before I woke.  Towards all the personal stuff, now that the burden of studying has been removed.

And so, the journey continues.  And I'm committed to it.

But this morning I'm enjoying the relief of being done, and the feeling of shifting direction again.


Chel said...

Congratulations! You certainly deserve it. It reminds me of those sweet first days of summer during college, when I woke up at home (not in the dorm), blinking the sunlight, and smiling as I realized I didn't have to be at class or in the library!

Lisa said...

Thanks! And yes - definitely like those first days of summer!