Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily 5 - Year 2, Day 3

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Paying off my line of credit, however bittersweet, is a huge deal, and one I'm proud of.  I think I'm also thankful for the lessons learned in years of paying off some decisions I might make differently today.
  2. fruit smoothie for breakfast, waiting for me when I arrived at mom and dad's this morning
  3. waking up to challenging and inspiring words in a daily email devotional written by Richard Rohr
  4. the Asbo Jesus cartoon I included in my earlier post about how the day was bittersweet
  5. really enjoying the new book I'm reading... it'll get it's own post one of these days
  6. all the funny little ways I'm learning to simplify life and let go of past stuff... using up candles that I've "saved" for years... going through clothes and even books
  7. taking some time tonight to clean my bedroom, even though I don't spend much time in this space
  8. mom asked me to cook supper tonight, and bake cookies sometime this week.  I did both of those things tonight, at my own pace, since no one was around to eat supper at a given time except me.  I like to cook with someone, but I really love just moving around the kitchen on my own, at my own pace.  I do some of my best praying while I'm cooking like that, and, when the butter chicken for supper was simmering, I decided to tackle the cookies too, just because I was appreciating the way simply doing something I loved that I hadn't done in a while was calming me, and focusing my thoughts to pray in a week where I really needed to spend some time lifting some people I love before Jesus.
  9. lightly scented candles...
  10. 2 mugs of rooibos tea this afternoon as I studied
  11. "watching" episodes of Grey's Anatomy on dvd while I puttered and cleaned tonight.