Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 365

It started here, a year ago.  A year ago.  Wow.  A year ago I'd had a very hard birthday weekend, it seemed like any kind of progress towards healing and wholeness had been taken out in a massive landslide of crap, and I needed to find a way to refocus.  To choose to see life differently.  The daily 5 was born out of that.  And now, it's a year later, and it's become habit to go through my day making mental note of the things that bring a smile, or the things I'm thankful for - big or little.  A few others have even made these lists from time to time.

In 365 days, I've recorded at least 1825 items.  I was too lazy to go back and total up all of those lists, but 365 times 5 is 1825.  The reality is that there were lots of days where I recorded 10, or even 15 or 20 things that had made me smile, so 1825 is probably a low estimate.

I can't quite believe that tomorrow I start counting again.  That tomorrow year two starts.  I'm not even sure I ever intended for this to become a long term thing.  But, a year in, it's a habit I value, one that is still helping me to shape my thought patterns, to look for more positive things in life than negative.  To celebrate even the tiny moments.  And while I don't know how long I'll keep this up, for now, it's a pattern that I plan to continue to maintain.

So, here's today's daily 5:
  1. reaching the one year milestone for making these lists.
  2. finished the 5th of 6 stats assignments today
  3. taking a bubble bath with a new book
  4. leftover Thai take out
  5. iphone games
  6. finishing (in the wee hours of this morning) a book I quite enjoyed
  7. not setting an alarm this morning
  8. having over half of the day (and all of tomorrow!) with no school commitments.
  9. puttering around the house with my ipod playing
  10. walking, a little, in the sunshine and wind
  11. triplus fineliner pens in multiple colors
  12. clean drinking water
  13. dreaming of traveling
  14. laughing at coincidence
  15. catching up on blog reading
  16. taking a break to stay at mom and dad's house tonight
  17. popcorn with lots of butter
  18. a quiet day, spent mostly alone, at a place where I feel safe and able to rest
  19. hugs from friends/family
  20. laughing at funny television commercials


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a year, my friend! I'm glad you're going to keep it up :-)

And when #13 happens, it'll lead to more of #19! Hee, hee. (Along with some Almond Joy...well, depending on the destination!)

renee altson said...

yeeeehaw!!!!! you have been such an inspiration -- thank you, thank you, thank you. wow, tearing up.

Lisa said...

LP/CA - thanks friend! and yes... looking forward to collecting on those hugs... hopefully soon!

Renee - thanks :) you encourage me by cheering me on with these lists, and by simply continuing to desire and fight for a life that is beautiful. and I love it when you make these lists from time to time, too... it always makes me smile :)