Friday, August 13, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 364

Today's Daily 5:
  1. walking from the bus through the gentle, misty beginnings of a rainfall this morning
  2. waving back at the little boy in the daycare window who grinned and waved as I walked by
  3. a fruit smoothie for breakfast
  4. having a book that I ordered recently show up in today's mail
  5. google reader - seriously, I just discovered this this week, and I'm in love.  I used to open every one of the dozens of blogs I read in separate tabs, and my poor aging computer just couldn't handle it, so I'd do them a few at a time.  Now, I can just read them all in one place and click through to the ones I need to comment on.  And, I don't miss anything because it didn't pop up in the blogger "blogs I'm following" screen for some reason.
  6. a new deodorant I've been using from The Body Shop - it's aluminum and paraben free, which makes me feel way better about using it, actually smells good, and best of all (since I tried several more natural deodorants) actually works and doesn't leave me stinky by half-way through the day.
  7. a long shower with a high pressure, decidedly not eco-friendly, low flow, shower head that massaged out some painful knots in my neck and shoulders.  most of the time I'm all for a lower pressure, low flow, quick shower, but today a longer one and letting the heat and pressure act therapeutically was beautiful.
  8. the first glass of red wine I've had in ages
  9. reading for pleasure (not for school!)
  10. laughing and talking and dreaming and scheming all evening by email with a good friend


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! You hadn't even used scheming in your email to me and I just used it in my reply, only to come here and see you got your list posted and used it, as well! ha ha!

Such a fun night! Can't wait for the adventures to come out of it all :-)

P.S. Your word verification thing seems to have had some red wine tonight's giving variations of actual words instead of nonsense jibberish. ha ha.

Lisa said...

too funny that you used scheming. I'd just hit publish when I went back to read the email, and somehow assumed you'd read my post before replying!

and yes, adventures most definitely to come!!!

variations of actual words huh? glad it's all relaxed and loose too :)