Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 362

Today's Daily 5:
An introduction to the daily 5 lists can be found here.
  1. Candles all around my bedroom
  2. one of the rare occasions on which I ate some ice cream
  3. fresh green beans
  4. thinking about St. Clare
  5. watching and laughing as some kids I know watched the movie "Cool Runnings" for the first time ever, and absolutely hilariously laughed their way through it.


Anonymous said...

We'd have trouble traveling together...I think it's a requirement of a CA passport holder to ncessarily try the ice cream (specifically chocolate) at least once in each city you go to to be sure they provide quality chocolate ice cream ;-)

Lisa said...

now that sounds like a worthy pursuit! :) if only ice cream didn't have a tendency to make me sick, I'd give it a try... but I'm very patient, and little bites from every city could work, no?

renee said...

you are SO close to a year of these... I am in awe! Truly.

Anonymous said...

LP, I think it is...and so far a particular place in Krakow has the best...but the standard cheap on every corner in Czech variety is good, too :-) Very patient and little bites would make it last...and when it costs (literally) pennies in many countries, even if you only ate a bite or two I guess it wouldn't be a huge investment into the "challenge" ;-)

Glad someone else is pointing out the much more noble parts of your list...since I stick to things like ice cream. That must be the result of sleep deprivation. Ha ha. But I am, too, amazed that you've been doing this nearly a year! Way to go, friend!

Lisa said...

LP/CA - hmm... we may have to try that together sometime :)

Renee - I know! Crazy isn't it? It seems like it has been a very long year in a lot of ways, but I'm excited to hit that mark!