Saturday, August 07, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 358

Today was my 27th birthday.  That only bears mentioning because many years, and last year especially, my birthday has been a very hard day for me.  In fact, some of the crazy, hard emotions that surfaced on my birthday weekend last year were the reason I ultimately started making these daily 5 lists.  I started making them about a week after my birthday, as I began to process some of the hard, new realizations about life and about choosing joy that sprang from my birthday weekend.

And so, with thankfulness, here is today's daily 5 list:
  1. I'm thankful for another year
  2. I'm thankful for family and friends who love me
  3. I'm especially thankful today for all of the unique friends I've made via the blogging community - I so love each of you, and love hearing from you, and your unique comments and insights both in comments here and in your writing on your own blogs.
  4. I'm thankful for time spent outside of the city today
  5. I'm thankful for the first day in ages without any school commitments
  6. I'm thankful for the reminder that showing up here each evening to make this list really is in my days - to constantly choose joy, to keep an eye out for things that would make good list items and really notice the things in my days that bring smiles.
  7. I'm thankful for a line in a Rob Bell teaching dvd that I watched again recently "You don't have to live like this." and the freedom that line offered
  8. I'm thankful for 27 years of life
  9. I'm thankful for brothers with a way better eye for clothes than I have (how unfair is that, by the way??) who use their talent to buy their sister new hoodies and things for her birthday
  10. I'm thankful for a day without tears, and with many smiles.


Jenny said...

Happy happy birthday, Lisa!
Glad you had a lovely day to celebrate, and I really like your list.
I'm an August baby too - two days away! And I deeply understand the difficult emotions birthdays bring about. I've got a few more years on the clock than you, and last year was particularly hard. I'm trying not to hold my breath for this one, as I think it's going to be another tricky time...

Blessings to you, and here's to a great year of new, good things.


Jenny said...

I'm going to try to start my own daily list again, inspired by you.

Anonymous said...

Glad it sounds to have been a good day!

Happy birthday, again, my friend!

Chel said...

Happy birthday! Thank you, again, for sharing your lists. I include mine in my meditations/prayers journal every night. It really makes you look at the day in a different perspective (I tend to reflect only on the negative, so forcing myself find all the positive changes the whole day...)

Lisa said...

Jenny - thanks! Happy Birthday to you as well! Praying it is a day full of lovely things - I was holding my breath too, and the day surprised me with joy... May you know blessings that day as well! And, good luck with the daily lists - let me know how it goes :)

LP/CA - it was a good day... thanks for the birthday wishes... Hugs and prayers friend!

Chel - Thanks! Yes, don't these lists change the perspective? That was sort of why I started making them in the first place, and a meditation/prayer journal is, I think, a great place for a list like this :)