Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 354

Today's Daily 5:
An introduction to the Daily 5 lists can be found here.
  1. leftover pad thai for supper - I quite honestly looked forward to this all day, and it was incredibly satisfying when I sat down after my anatomy quiz to a big bowl of it.
  2. passed the anatomy quiz - I find the quizzes the most nerve wracking - they're done orally by phone, and translating my thoughts into spontaneous spoken words on demand is NOT my strength.  don't get me wrong, I can carry a conversation, but stringing words together in a pressure situation?  no thank you.  give me a written test or quiz any day of the week.  that said, the feeling of relief when the quiz was done and I knew I'd passed was truly a beautiful thing.
  3. home for the remainder of the evening after the quiz. no homework, just catching up on a few emails, and resting and breathing a little.
  4. candles all over my bedroom again.
  5. clean sheets and pajamas to crawl into for sleeping tonight.
  6. loving a "sleep cycle" app on my iphone, and amused by how relatively accurately it graphs my sleep.
  7. cleaning up my email box after getting quite behind for a few weeks while I was a bit overwhelmed by life - I've been chipping away at this all week, and tonight finally managed to pare it down to the level of unread/unhandled messages/tasks that I prefer to keep it at.
  8. my St. Clare of Assisi medal
  9. catching up on some podcast listening while I worked through emails and other stuff tonight.
  10. a brief chat with a dear friend


Anonymous said...

Good for you, friend! :-) Lots of good things today!

And hope IS always a very good word!

You'll have to go have a laugh at my latest...umm...drama. Posting in 5 minutes.


Lisa said...

off to read it now!