Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 351

Today's daily 5:
  1. time in Kensington for tea with a friend
  2. Roman Provence Rooibos tea.  my favorite, and not available at all that many tea houses.
  3. a natural health treatment this morning from a new practitioner I'm going to see for a while to see if she can help with some of the physical and emotional issues I'm working through at the moment.
  4. I helped lay some sod today as part of an ongoing bit of landscaping my parents are doing.  It was nice to work outside for a while.
  5. around the other things on my schedule, I managed to also get through an anatomy chapter that also needed to be accomplished today.


Anonymous said...

Especially praying about #3 for you.


Lisa said...

thanks friend! hugs back :)