Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 332

Today's Daily 5 (for the introduction to the daily 5, click here):
  1. starting the morning slowly
  2. dreams that need prayer and pondering
  3. a friendly and helpful government EI agent on the phone this morning
  4. Mom called downstairs around 1:00 and said "I'm making you lunch, okay?"  so lovely to not only be mooching food, but have the treat of having a plate of food prepared for me
  5. birds singing after a thunderstorm this afternoon
  6. laughing as I pondered the singing birds and remembered a childhood song "worms after the rain - I guess they just love rainbows... I love each one of those sweet little worms after the rain..."
  7. I finished reading another lovely book "Digging In" by Robert Benson this evening
  8. I actually marked off everything on my list for the day - personal stuff and school stuff
  9. listening to rain hitting the ground outside the window above my desk, and thunder in the background
  10. a yoga workout and nice long shower
  11. An evening with nothing on the schedule but reading, writing, prayer, and rest
  12. rhythms and routines
  13. brightly colored pens
  14. talking about dreams
  15. pondering memories and the way God works as I worked on some upcoming blog posts