Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Day

Schoolwork is somewhat all consuming at the moment.

Add that to limited energy again as I work through some emotionally draining stuff, and I'm finding myself generally with few words.

I'm struggling to find words even for those I share life with on a daily basis, online or "in real life" (or both!)

Last night I re-took an anatomy quiz from last weekend that did not go well.  I passed the retake, and that was pretty much all I was looking for.

This morning I wrote an anatomy midterm on the same material.

A week from today I write another anatomy midterm.  Before that midterm I have another quiz, and an assignment to submit.  And before the quiz and the assignment, I have five chapters of material to absorb.

All that to say that it might be a little quiet around here for the next week or so, again.  Unless I manage to find time on the weekend to schedule some posts.

But I am still reading emails and comments, and they're often making me smile.

So there's that, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Jeepers definitely an intensive type course! My friend J is trying to get me to not only go finish my grad work but switch degrees programs schools and cities to transfer to the Talbot Spiritual Formation program she teaches in. Ha. It'd mean 2+ hour commutes one day a week plus very long days...hmm

Lisa said...

well... it wouldn't be intensive if I was taking the 8 months to complete it that it's normally taught over... but I'm doing it in two months.

are you actually considering finishing your grad work? (and what was it in again?)

Anonymous said...

Yes had the chance to start in fall with some help from church but that broke my nothing new till I'd been there a year rule. Mine was in marriage and family therapy but at this point I'd switch programs because I've lost all the counseling hours I've done and could never do 3000 unpaid hours again while needing to work and make a house payment etc. So I'd switch to something else anyway but several would accept nearly all my credit and not mean starting almost from scratch like if I did something like what j is trying to convince me of the merits of.

Lisa said...

hmm... you'll have to tell me more (maybe by email!) about the options you're considering :)