Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Spell-Checker Hates Me

The spell-checker built into Microsoft Word was clearly not designed by biologists. 

It's having heart attacks over my word useage as I spend hours a day sitting and typing anatomy notes.

The pages are full of words marked with that annoying jagged red underline. 

On the other hand, that annoying underline does make me double-check the spelling of the word that I've copied directly from my textbook.

But the spell checker?  It hates me just presently.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry...but can't help but laughing, too!

(Your spell checker would probably also hate the word verification things on your commenting thing here, also, by the way!)

Lisa said...

yep, I'm laughing too. It just doesn't like words like melanocytes, or eumelanin, or any of a host of other words that I'm adding to my vocabulary these days :)

oh dear, are the word verifications bad? I never have to fill them out to comment on my own blog, only on other people's that have them enabled. But, they do keep me from getting some nasty spam comments that I was getting for a while.