Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mellow Week

I'm having a kind of mellow week, and it's a nice change.

Studying is slower.  I'm moving slowly forward in Stats, but anatomy is at a place where I'm simply reviewing, waiting for the official start date so that I can submit the first assignment, take the first quiz, and write the first midterm.

My evenings have been slow and mellow, too.  Full of time sprawled on my bed, reading or playing a game online.  And full of time spent listening to worship services and teaching from various churches online or by podcast.

It's a nice change of pace, since I know that next week things will kick into crazyness again.  But for this week, I'm loving the slower, more mellow pace.  Especially given the crazy internal stuff that went on last week in particular.  It's nice to simply feel quieter, inside and out.