Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Day

It was a full sort of day, and I'm just stopping in to tell you that.  Tomorrow, I have plans to write at least one longer post.  With pictures.  I haven't had pictures in a while.

Today was full of a visit to the zoo with a friend and her daughter.  Baby smiles, and mutually enjoyed sarcasm.  Lunch, avoiding the rain, lots of animals, and a lion who was a little bit excited (leading to more mutually enjoyed sarcasm.)

Then back to my established study corner in mom and dad's basement, and a reality check.  Studying.  Lots of it.  That really needs to be my life this summer.  And I think really seriously opening the book for the first time brought home just how much time it's going to eat up.  Which, I'm totally okay with.  And, seeing the time some things took today, means I'm motivated to put in fairly full days with the textbooks for the next two or three days at least.

Dinner, a bit more studying, and then I attended the first session of a 7 week course in Christian Leadership principles that my dad is teaching.  I was debating adding that to my life at the moment, but I think I'll stick it out.  I'm pretty sure the material will be very good and useful in the long run of life.

So, with that, I'm going to write a daily 5, conveniently ignore some emails that I really should respond to tonight, but just don't have the brain cells for, and head for sleep.  Tomorrow needs to start early, and be a full day of a different sort.