Monday, June 21, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 312

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Lunch with a very good friend and her husband who live on the other side of the country
  2. Confirmation of the news that said friend and husband will be moving back to Calgary come September
  3. Proud of myself.  Was having a really hard time with a statistics equation, and starting to get frustrated, but managed to calm down and figure out where the answer was coming from.  And realized that for me to be really successful at this (numbers are so NOT my thing!) I'll need to make careful notes of the formulas and what each term in the formula is on the study sheet I can take into exams.
  4. I was invited this morning to take part in a focus group tonight via an online research panel that I've been a part of.  So, I headed downtown to the office, discussed some kind of interesting stuff about the city, with some interesting people, and made $75 for two hours of my time.  Sweet deal, and any little bit of income is a blessing right now. 
  5. Mom offered me a ride home to grandma's tonight, and that was welcome too, though I've got the bus route and timing to and from mom and dad's and grandma's down pretty well.
  6. Laughing at a few of the responses I got to the piece I posted this morning about speaking my mind when it definitely would have been a better idea to remain silent.