Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 299

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Two helpful advising meetings as I ponder things coming next
  2. Coffee with a long-time friend who also happens to be the Pentecostal chaplain at the university here (who I've known since I was a student at said university).  It was great to talk with him about where my journey has taken me and where he and his family are at.  And it was fun to talk about some of the more "spirit-filled" things that I don't get to talk about a lot with people in Calgary.
  3. My former roommate phoned from the UK today.  We spent an hour catching up on each others lives and plans for the next several months.  And we laughed, and talked about how God was working.  It was so good to chat with her.  I really miss her.
  4. Got a call about a potential job interview - another one of those clarifying questions before they decide who they're interviewing sort of things, but this one might actually fit well with some of what I'm dreaming about.
  5. Managed to get all the information I need to make some decisions, and mostly made the decisions - now I'm going to sleep on it for a night and finalize things tomorrow.
  6. Really enjoying reading some fiction again lately after about a 1.5 year hiatus for a variety of reasons.
  7. Had a natural health treatment tonight that confirmed that my body is actually significantly less stressed since I am no longer working at my previous employer.
  8. thankful for the advice of family as I navigate some interesting waters
  9. leftovers, but good food for several meals today
  10. hot apple cider while I met with my chaplain friend - haven't had that in ages, and this stuff was tasty!


Jenny said...

a lovely day!