Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hope Rising

I don't know what it is yet, or how to explain it, but it feels like something shifted overnight.

Maybe it was just spending the evening with my parents, doing normal things.  Making a new recipe.  Chatting with them about their vacation.  Buying groceries with mom.  Getting a hug.  There's something about a hug from mom that just makes the world seem better.

Maybe it was rediscovering all over again some favorite lines of Scripture, as I worked through the daily readings I'm doing right now on the train.  (Hello, beauty of an iphone - don't have to cart a Bible with me.)  Lines like, "Pay attention to how you hear..." and "When the woman realized that she could not stay hidden..."

Maybe it was a relatively okay sleep for a change.

Maybe my meds are finally kicking in and balancing things out again.

Maybe it was knowing that I can get a ride home from house church tonight, and the reassurance that gives me for all the weeks to come, in the days of not having a car.

Maybe it's the roses that a coworker and friend who knew how rough the last few weeks have been, showed up with as a gift for me this morning.

Maybe it's returning to the routine of oatmeal for breakfast, in my office.  And taking vitamins that definitely help my mood management too.  Especially since I forgot those same vitatmins at home yesterday.

Maybe it was laughing at childhood pictures of my brother and his soon to be wife.  Pictures that I brought with me today to scan and use in the slideshow I'm preparing for their wedding.

Maybe it was some combination of all of those things.

Whatever it is, hope is rising.  And that is the most hopeful feeling of all.


shallowfrozenwater said...

we have a ritual in our community where all the children receive a blessing during communion. it has changed me to bless others and the blessing that i chose was a prayer for grace, peace and hope. that's my prayer for you too right now.

Lisa said...

Thanks Ian! That's a wonderful prayer to receive right now!