Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Changes

I sent the following update email out to a number of friends tonight.  As you'll read, I'm unexpectedly leaving town tomorrow for the next couple of weeks.  It'll be quiet here, as I likely won't have internet access.  I don't have time to schedule posts, and I will likely have to keep track of my daily 5 in a journal for a couple weeks.  See you on the other side.

Hi Everyone!

I'm beginning to feel like my life has taken on some kind of crazy force of it's own, but I'm now facing another huge change.

I lost my job yesterday.  They didn't give me reasons for the dismissal, but did offer me an acceptable severance package.  I prayed about it and discussed it with some close to me, and chose not to fight this legally, but to accept their package and move on.  I signed off on that today.

I'm obviously quite stunned, but I really do believe that I'm going to be okay, and that God's hand is even in this.

I'd come to the realization late last week that it was once again time to begin pursuing other employment, and had set those thoughts aside while I celebrated my brother T's wedding to a lovely girl, and gained a sister over the weekend.

I had no warning that this was coming, but it came.

I spent a great deal of last night talking with my parents and crying and making decisions.

I'm choosing to see this as a blessing.  As a chance to pursue better employment.

I have a safe financial cushion for a while, but will begin to look for work shortly.  If you know of something in the administrative field in Calgary that you think might work for me, I'd love if you would let me know.

However, I'm first going to take a bit of time to rest and recoup from the incredible stress and challenges not just of the last couple months (that many of you are aware of) but of the last couple of years.  I'm leaving around noon tomorrow to spend the next two weeks or so road-tripping with my dad.  This is, in itself a miracle.  God has brought much healing in my relationships with my parents over the last year or so, and I saw moments of incredible breakthrough even last night as they held me and prayed for me and as we discussed how I would handle this situation.  He had already planned to make this trip, driving, to attend the Ontario reception for my brother and his wife (she's from Ontario, originally) and then drive them home from their Ontario honeymoon and reception to save them the cost of plane fair.  Because I'm no longer employed, it has worked out for me to travel with him (my mom is flying out later in the week.)  The trip also holds the likelihood that I will get to spend a bit of time with a very dear friend who lives not too far from where my sister-in-law grew up, and I'm very excited about that as well.  I'm choosing to see this chance to spend time with my dad as a blessing - for greater healing in our relationship, but also as a chance for me to rest and heal from the many things that have come my way these last few years.  While I've never liked driving, I've always loved being a passenger, and loved long road trips.  A vehicle is one of the few places where I consistently manage to get in restful naps, as well.

There were many odd confirmations that this loss of my job, though a blow to my ego, is a blessing right now.

Funny little things, and some bigger things too.

Yesterday I received in my email inbox the "song of the month" written a friend of mine named Karla.  I'd first heard her play this particular song a number of years back, and hadn't heard it since.  When I'd first heard it, it had moved me deeply, challenging me to really pursue what God had placed within me, and really, just to pursue a depth and intimacy of relationship with Christ.  It's arrival again yesterday in my inbox, with such ironic timing (I didn't discover what song it was that she'd sent until later last night) made me smile, feeling again like a confirmation from God to really continue to pursue relationship with him, and to trust Him to provide rightly.

So, I will be mostly out of contact (though I'll likely be able to check email or facebook occasionally) until the end of the month.

And then I'll be back from my trip, and will update my resume and begin the process of looking for work.  I'm going to take the time I'm away to really think and pray for God's leading even in this, and would love if you would pray that with me.

I'd also love for you to pray for continued healing of my heart, and of my relationship with my dad as we travel together.  In many ways it is becoming more and more unlikely that we will be able to make trips like these, and I really want to cherish this time and see it blessed and fruitful.

I'd also ask that you pray for the continued ability to choose to see this as a blessing, and joyfully.  That bitterness over the unjust way I was treated will not be able to take root in my heart.

That I will know the ability to rest deeply in the trust that God has grown within me for him, and for his hands in my life.

I love you all, and am praying for each of you as well.

Hugs friends!



Jenny said...

Dear Lisa
this is indeed a shock. Bless you, internet friend. I am very impressed with the maturity with which you write about this situation.
I will pray for God's blessing and leading to show you His way forward, and that there will be much fruitfulness for you in the new beginnings.
Enjoy your trip - hope it's a fun-filled, restorative time for all of you, and you have a great time on the road and with your family, esp your Dad.

Anonymous said...

Oh no... I'll be praying for you!
Have a great time travelling with your dad!!

Lisa said...

thanks both of you for the prayers :)

lois said...

Isaiah 43:18-19 Lisa.
God is making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland... a new thing... fruitfulness... life...
Have a blessed road trip with your dad Lisa!

Lisa said...

Thanks Lois :)

Allie, Dearest said...

That's so crazy! Nobody likes sudden changes less than I do, so I can imagine how stunning this must be for you.

I hope you find something really wonderful for the next job! Keep your head up!

shallowfrozenwater said...

i don't know what to say really. i'll pray.
if you "happen" to find yourself in Winnipeg on a Sunday or otherwise as you travel through you can contact me through my church community or through my blog. i think it'd be wonderful to meet you.

renee altson said...


my love thoughts & prayers are with you.


Lisa said...

Thanks so much all :)

Ian, we're traveling across the states as it's faster, otherwise it would have been lovely to meet :)