Wednesday, April 07, 2010

What Kind of Garden...

Life remains crazy busy.  Work and home.  I'm hoping to write a "real" post later today.  In the meantime, this morning I took the "What kind of garden are you?" quiz and the results were sort of accurate and made me chuckle.

You Are a Formal French Garden

You are formal, traditional, and probably quite upper class. You resist change unless it's absolutely necessary.

You prefer quality over quantity in your life - whether it's people or possessions. You have a low tolerance for junk.

You are detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist. You enjoy planning and getting everything in order.

You are neat and clean. You take good care of what you own - you are big on maintenance.


renee said...

i had to take this one:

You Are an English Garden

You are creative and vibrant. You are inspired by everything around you, and you don't have any one style.
You like a mix of old and new. And you always have something unique to add to the equation as well.

You are informal, open-minded, and flexible. You love to play around with art and design.
You tend to change things up a lot. Whether it's your own clothes or your home, you can't stay with one look for long!

Lisa said...

:) Love it!