Sunday, April 18, 2010

Through the Rain

Kelle Hampton's blog is beautiful.

And tonight, these lines from her most recent post caught me deeply:  "it hit me...what a beautiful thing it is to be able to fully feel sadness and fear, annoyance and bitterness, loneliness and desperation and to know that they are real and meaningful feelings, but they are replaceable, reversible and recoverable--with time, and the more we submerge ourselves in little pleasures from avocado body butters to inhaling the tiny breaths of a snuggled newborn, the more we learn to accept the duration of the rain, to let it seep deep into our soul to renew parched roots, and to find richer beauty once it subsides and its rewards make themselves known."

may I be a person who learns to accept the duration of the rain, to find refreshing in it, and to let it grow things deep within my soul.