Thursday, April 08, 2010


What I would have really liked to have for breakfast this morning was Mcdonald's.  A sausage and cheese mcgriddles, hold the egg, to be exact.  What I'm actually eating is a bowl of instant oatmeal.  There was no Mcdonalds in easy walking distance.

Today is the crazy final preparations for the conference.

I head to Edmonton late this afternoon, and tomorrow I welcome 300 Mennonites to a 5 Star hotel.  This is the fourth time I've done this, but the first time that I've been mostly in charge, and the first time we've done it in an urban setting - it's always been at a mountain resort in the years I've been doing it.  300 Mennonites, ranging in age from infant to probably well into their eighties, and ranging in practice from Old Colony to very modern city mennonite.

It's always a unique weekend.

And, I've been so busy this week that I haven't managed to schedule posts for the next several days, and likely won't get to it today.

So, it'll probably be quiet around here.  If I have internet access at the hotel, I'll try to log in with the daily 5 posts, but even those may have to wait.

I'm back later on Saturday evening.  I'll either see you then, or sometime on Sunday if I don't manage to check in before that!