Saturday, April 03, 2010

The In-Between Day

Holy Saturday.

The inbetween day. 

Jesus still laying in the tomb.

The disciples cloistered in a room, terrified.


I think about that day a lot.

That in-between day.

Waking to the reality that the Master was dead.

Without the hope we have on this side of 2000 years.

Just nothingness.

Waiting and wondering if they will be next.

They hadn't exactly been circumspect about their following, after all.

The women perhaps preparing, quietly.  Readying for the early morning trip to the tomb.

Readying to anoint the body.


This day feels like that to me.

Quiet preparations for the celebrations that come tomorrow.

And waiting.

For what, I'm not precisely sure.

For resurrection, I guess.

New life.

Healing and hope.

Rest and peace.

And so I wait.