Sunday, April 25, 2010

Do You Want to be Well?

"Jesus brushes all our differences away.  He is, after all, healing us into himself, dragging us alongside all the other damaged, undeserving people into his body.  Healing with Jesus isn't New Age-y and gentle.  It is frequently about pain:  which might explain, I realized, why Jesus often asks the desperate people who come to him, Do you want to be well?  Do you want to be well if getting well hurts?  Do you want to be well if it separates you from your old identity?  Do you want to be well more than you want to stay the same?

Real healing means, more than anything, following the truth: and thus a call to change and conversion."

(Sara Miles, "Jesus Freak")

I read this today, and found her words deeply striking.

I've asked those questions.  Do I want to be well if it hurts?  Do I want to be well if it means I'm totally separate from what I was?

The words continue to grow stronger within me.  I want to be well.