Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 244

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Grandma was out for a while when I got home, and I took advantage of it and took over the kitchen, cooking for the rest of the week.  I forgot how much I love the feeling of cooking, and even washing dishes and cleaning up.  The normalcy of doing those tasks without feeling watched or hen-pecked tonight was beautiful.
  2. I made Indian Butter Chicken (from a paste mix - but so tasty) and Italian pork chops with sweet baby bell peppers, and roasted potatoes.  And, there's enough for two meals of Butter Chicken, and three more pork chops.  Basically I've solved my "I haven't been cooking so I've been eating crap" problem for the rest of the week in one fell swoop.
  3. A smooth trip to the registry office today.  Only one step left (and one repair by my dad) and I'll be the owner of a car that can legally be on the roads.
  4. Tax return cheque came in the mail.  Hooray for money back from the government!
  5. Trading text messages with a dear friend late this afternoon while I commuted home, and she waited in the airport to catch a flight overseas for a few weeks.  It was nice to share those moments with her, and assure her I was praying for some stuff that came up as she waited for her flight.
  6. Went to mom and dad's after work to pick up my mail, and there was a card and package waiting from the same dear friend.  It's great to get special mail sometimes.
  7. After all that cooking, I cleaned up, got ready for tomorrow, and crawled into bed.  It's been great to spend an evening just mellowly watching a dvd and catching up on a few emails.
  8. Did I mention that not only did I cook, but I did it in quite possibly the worst equipped kitchen ever?  I did all of that cooking without most of the basic tools and pans I would use for those tasks.  I couldn't even find a frying pan.  I was really proud of the way the food turned out given the limitations in my cooking supplies.
  9. Chocolate
  10. Going to bed earlyish tonight.  Still trying to recover.