Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Tonight the plan is to use skype to talk with A.

A. and I have been friends for many years now - she's one of the longer standing ones.  There are two or three of that vintage, all ones I hold dear.  And only a very, very few of an older vintage.

I stayed with A. and her husband B. in Toronto last fall, when L. and I were experiencing autumn for the first time.  We spent a week camping in their living room.

Some of the most restful sleeps I've had in the last year were during that week on her living room couch.

A. is from Columbia, beautiful and graceful.  Trained as a professional dancer.  She moves with grace, but not just the grace of a dancer.  The grace of one who knows and loves Jesus, and who somehow lets that light ooze from her very motions.

And tonight, I get to talk with her.

I'm anticipating it, on this day that has been full of challenges.  This day that has at moments seemed unmangeable.

Because I have been lonely in these days of transition, and she is one who sees me, who knows my heart, and even the struggles and loves anyway.  Because we almost always pray together and for each other as we close our conversation.  Because tonight it will do my heart good to converse with a dear friend.