Thursday, March 11, 2010


This remains a sort of plodding week.

So I'm sticking to the routines that have served me well, and just trying to move through the days.

Worship or a sermon on the bus in the morning (thankful for an ipod, and, as much as  I miss my car for the convenience of it, for the commutes to and from work, I've been enjoying not having to watch the road.  I may stick with the train several days a week, even after getting a car.)

An audio book (or sometimes a sermon) on the train on the way home.

Playing a game online at lunch, and then a trivia game online with a coworker to end the lunch hour.

Home.  Quiet.  Emails and maybe chatting online or a phone call.

Trying to make space to read.

The few little "certain" engagments of the week, like house church.

And looking for moments of joy.

I know that routine isn't always helpful.

But sometimes it lets me survive until I can thrive again.