Monday, March 01, 2010

Making Lists

I'm really hoping that Telus has finally come through, and I'll arrive home to discover that my internet is finally working.  If it isn't, well, a large portion of my "to do's" for tonight aren't going to happen.

One of the list items for sometime in the next 24 hours is to write a polite but unhappy letter to Telus' customer service department, letting them know just how displeased I am that they have botched the move of my services three times in a row now.

I've been making both acutal and mental lists all day.  Sorting out in my head how I'm going to attack the task of unpacking and turn the chaos into a space that is "home" for this next season.

And mentally figuring out ways to minimize the trips I need to make upstairs into Grandma's territory.  Because each time I trekked up the stairs last night - to cook, to shower, to wash my dishes, to fill my water bottle - necessitated an appearance from her, and a short chat.  It's the sort of thing that can underscore the "this isn't my house" feeling that was so strong yesterday morning.  So I'll keep my food mostly downstairs, just carrying up what I need for the evening.

And, in the meantime, tonight I'm going to try and arrange my food in the spot where it's going to be stored.  And maybe unbox my books, spread them across the floor, for reorganizing onto my shelves.  And I'll be thankful for the one little corner of the room where order has mostly been created, that feels like "my" space - like home.

If the internet is up and running, you can expect to see three daily 5 posts later tonight.  If not, well, I'll keep making them in my journal, and when the internet is up and running at home again, they'll finally appear.