Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy, Productive

Sunday mornings at Grandma's house are turning out to be both lazy and productive, especially these days when I don't have a car.

They start lazily, mostly because I tend to stay downstairs, in bed, until I know that Grandma's left for church.  It's easier to sleep a bit later than usually for me now that I'm living in the basement, too, since it's dark down here.

And then they get productive, because once she's left, I tend to dive into the necessary housekeeping tasks that I'd rather she not be looking over my shoulder while I accomplish them.  Things like my laundry, taking the garbage and recycling out, those sort of things.  The kind of things you perhaps do differently at age 80 than at 26.

Later this afternoon I'm attending a gathering of all of the house churches in the network that my house church is a part of.  There are speakers from Rwanda today. 

But in the meantime, I'm doing laundry, and taking the garbage out, and still working on unpacking the last few boxes.  The boxes that are left are ones that need to be sorted through, things eliminated, the rest likely stored.  That, and I need to put my scrapbooking supplies onto their shelves, and set up my table with a place to sit and work on those projects.