Friday, March 26, 2010

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday.

There are only 7 hours left until the weekend officially starts for me.  And one of those hours is my lunch break.

I'm really tired this morning after what is now basically a full week of sleepless nights.  I have a headache, and I'm struggling not to be in a really grumpy mood.

So, here are some good things I'm trying to focus on:
  • Last night at house church I spent probably an hour sitting next to and/or holding a very cute young man named Morgan.  Morgan is seven months old, with very blond hair that makes him look kind of bald, has huge cute eyes and an infectious smile.  He thinks I'm great because I always have something on my clothing that tastes good, and, as long as I know the clothing is clean, I'm pretty laid back about letting him chew on it.  Last night he thought that my velcro watch band was particularly tasty, but he also really liked the strings on my hoodie, my bracelet, and my glasses (didn't let him slobber on those, though!).
  • I've had a bridesmaid shoe dillemma for the last couple of days that I've been sort of obsessing about.  So much so that the idea of shopping for shoes, which I usually LOVE, was seeming like an overwhelming chore.  I think I solved that problem today.  I ordered these, online.  Not only do they fit all the criteria I needed (patent shiny leather, low heel, closed toe), they also fit my personal criteria (not too pointy a toe, something I might actually wear again, good price).  Got to clearance bargains, and right now I'm also loving the relief that comes from being fairly certain that I've solved this particular problem, or at least that I don't have to think about it until these arrive and I can see if they work.
  • I'm wearing jeans at work.
  • I'm going to my brother's final spring choir concert tonight (this is his last year in choir.)
  • I will have the house to myself all day tomorrow, and I've got plans to attack the last of the unpacking and organizing.
Ok.  I'm going to try and focus on those things.

And with that, I'm off to tackle another crazy day at work.