Friday, February 12, 2010

Slight Improvements

Several hours, an antacid, and a few painkillers later, I'm feeling a little bit better.  Still kind of miserable, but better than I felt this morning.

Trouble is that now that the pain adrenaline has faded, two nights of non-sleeping are catching up with me, and I find myself yawning in my office, and maybe even doing the head bob.

I'll stick it out at the office until around 4.  Sometime around 4, or shortly before, my parents will pick me up on their way to the airport.  It's a beautiful thing that I won't have to take the train tonight.

I'm going to go home, shower, put on my pjs, crawl into bed, and watch Grey's, Private Practice, and see if I can make the live stream of the olympic opening cermonies run on my Mac.  Because that would be kind of fun to watch, too.

Less than 2 hours to go!

I'm going to make it!