Thursday, February 04, 2010

Looking Back

Two years ago today I had one of the most powerful encounters with Jesus of my life.

I was half a world away and watched something I'd seen in a dream play out in real life.

It was nothing like what I expected.

The days following weren't what I'd expected either.

The years in between then and now have been some of the most difficult of my life, and at times I've resented the way that day played out.

Today, I simply remember.  I remember the shared moments, and the things in those moments that only my heart can know.

And I'm grateful for those who stood with me.

And for Jesus who met me in a field that day.

I remember the smell of wine mixing with the soft, freshly tilled soil.

And I remember the line that started it all, the line that interpreted the dream in the first place.  A line from a Rob Bell sermon, long forgotten now... "Wine is about the shalom of God, the wholness of God, the healing of God."

And I'm grateful for that shalom poured out that day, and in a myriad of ways since.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today, especially, friend!

Hugs from CA,

Lisa said...

thanks my friend...