Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Daily 5 - Day 146

Today's Daily 5:
  1. Thankful that I didn't hurt myself seriously when I fell this morning.  I've often walked down those icy steps, particularly in winter, and envisioned myself breaking a wrist or an ankle.  Some bruises and very sore muscles are much better than broken bones.
  2. Thankful for a quiet evening at home alone.  Candles, reading, just generally being still in a way I'm not always good at.
  3. Loving those Belgian chocolate seashells that you can get at Christmas.  So good.
  4. Another good day at work  - what's up with that?  and it was fairly productive too.
  5. Staring at my budget and knowing that it really is working, even when it means I can't buy plane tickets to either Ontario or California on the spur of the moment really good seat sale that showed up in my inbox today.
  6. (only one extra today): brief chat with a dear friend, and reminders of the odd ways I end up praying at times, and laughing at one particularly circumstantial phone call that came in the middle of our online conversation.  It was good to laugh with her.


Anonymous said...

Really good ticket sale?! What? Details, details??! Email me! :-)