Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Rhythms

I have a general like of Thursdays.

I'm not sure why, exactly, other than perhaps, in the general rhythm of my life, Thursdays tend to be positive days. If Wednesdays are the day when I struggle the most with sadness, with energy, with the general weight of the world, than Thursdays are the breath of fresh air and newness. The day that comes with the sense of relief that another weekend is now well and truly near, that another week has nearly been conquered (not that I particularly think about conquering my weeks, but, right now, for me there is a certain sense of accomplishment in each week that ends without major collapse or calamity.)

The rhythms at work on Thursdays are nice too. There are tasks that I like that get done on Thursdays.

Watering the plants is one of those. I have one plant in my house, that I continually forget to water, so it's constantly in a state of disarray. At the office, however, I am responsible for probably about a dozen plants, and they are thriving. On Thursdays I spend 20 mintues or so watering and plucking and generally loving on those plants.

As I'm sitting here this morning, I'm smiling. An odd thing for me, especially given that the window next to me tells me that the snow is still falling, it's still windy and cold.

I took the train this morning. It would seem that that was a good decision, given what I'm hearing from other staff members about the state of the roads.

It felt like a good decision to me as I was doing it. While I'm generally not a fan of public transit in Calgary, right now I'm even less of a fan of the high stress that winter driving creates in me. On transit, if my commute takes an hour and a half, I can be reading a book, and not having to worry about the icy roads.

And so, I have a very brief smile list to start this day, comprised of little moments of beauty that I noticed as I walked and took the bus and train this morning:
  • I loved the reflection of lights on all the snow... soft colorful glow from neon signs... in one spot I walked through, the whole world was pink, and it was lovely.
  • I loved having the chance to sit and focus on some stories in the book I'm reading. The nights this week have been full, and I haven't had the time to sit down with this book and really enjoy it. This morning on the train I managed to read two chapters and really savor them.
  • I liked that I got some exercise walking to the bus stop, and then walking from the train to my office. It's not a day that I had exercise scheduled for, but I felt good getting a bit of walking in this morning.
  • It took me the same approximate amount of time to take the bus and train and walk this morning as it usually does to drive, and I was grateful for that as well.