Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 92

Today's Daily 5 (or more):
  1. Getting a blog award - very fun! (see my previous post)
  2. The smell of the roses on my desk at work
  3. really good roasted baby potatoes and yam, green beans and "tuscan chicken sausage" from the farmer's market for supper tonight
  4. finishing day 4 of yoga/exercise - week 2
  5. accomplishing a number of things on my to do list tonight
  6. daily dose of a trivia game at lunch hour with a coworker
  7. sorting through photos, ordering a few to be printed, some for me, and some to send to some friends
  8. a long hot shower tonight after yoga
  9. knowing that tomorrow is Friday - this is a very good thought right now
  10. magic bag draped across my cold feet in bed.