Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily 5 - Day 91

In San Francisco ZOOImage via Wikipedia

Today's Daily 5 (or so):
  1. Zoo visit with T. & L.
  2. Seeing my first ever anteater. Man that is one weird looking creature. You've really got to picture God laughing when he created that... I mean the thing has the longest nose, well ever, and this thing that looks like a feather duster for a tail. (just check out the picture I've added to the right.)
  3. Visiting the gorillas again after a few months absence
  4. A treatment today that went well
  5. laughing with my family as we celebrated my brother J's birthday tonight (two months after the actual date - it's getting a little harder to coordinate schedules now that we're all working and/or in school and both boys also have girlfriends schedules that also need to be coordinated.)
  6. a day off work
  7. a slow lazy morning... laying in bed, reading, watching a dvd, and just generally resting
  8. getting to borrow dad's camera and take pictures at the zoo today
  9. family stories - all the funny ones. (and I appreciated not being the butt of nearly as many jokes as I often am)
  10. memories that I'd forgotten resurfacing, and mixing with other memories, re-arranging themselves in my heart, and settling out into new shapes and forms within me.
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