Sunday, November 29, 2009


I sort of feel like my 25ooth post should be something deeply profound.

But, I've got nothing.

I had a rough night again, full of dreams and prayers and odd experiences, and I'm feeling unsettled, uneasy, and just generally uncertain of what this day will hold.

I'm headed out shortly to attend another cooking demonstration.

The plans for after that are pretty low key, though sometime, late this afternoon, I'll drive to my parents, pick up my winter tires, and then one of them will follow me to the mechanic I use, where I'll drop off George to spend tomorrow being repaired, and borrow a vehicle from my parents so that my trip to and from work tomorrow is still smooth as well.

Other than that, I'm debating the possibility of attending mass tonight at the cathedral I sometimes go to. It's the first Sunday of Advent (more thoughts on that later, perhaps) and I am feeling drawn towards mass and remembering and preparing again.