Sunday, October 04, 2009

Slow day so far...

I hung out at the zoo for a little while this morning, mostly visiting the gorillas. They've integrated a couple of new females into the troop, and it was fun to get to see them for the first time today. The gorilla exhibit remains my peaceful place, and it was nice to be back there for the first time in probably a month.

It's snowing today, wet and cold. Not really sticking on the ground much yet, but snowing nonetheless.

L. and I have set this evening aside for finalizing some trip plans. Booking a rental car, and one night of hotel accommodation. And sorting out which of the many attractions it is that we really are making must sees. We were talking just now, before she headed out for lunch, about the things we'd like to see, and laughing over some of the possibilities.

I'm so excited to be going on a vacation. It's been incredibly long. I've already mentioned that it's been almost two years since I had more than two work days in a row off. If we're counting vacation time, it's been far longer than that. Because the last time I had time off was the trip to Malta and Europe, and a vacation that time most definitely wasn't. So, I'm really anticipating much needed time away from work, and fellowship time with dear friends. One of my favorite parts of this trip already is that L. is coming with me. I'm thrilled to have someone to make the flights east (and then back home) and I know that with her along I'll collect far more experiences than if I was alone.

I'm waiting for a phone call to be returned. I have a signal light out on George, and I need my dad's help to replace the bulb. Hopefully my parents will be home soon, and I'll be able to go over there. I have some errands that I need to do today, but I don't feel safe doing them without a left-turn signal.

So, for the moment, I think I'm going to nap until my phone rings. There is some cleaning to be done, but I remain pretty exhausted and spent from the last week, so I think I'll likely just rest.