Sunday, October 25, 2009

Functional Internet

I spent an hour with the Telus technician this morning, and we seem to have functional internet in our home again.

Turns out their modems don't always pick up a Mac computer. Not good. He said he sees more Macs than PCs in homes these days. He eventually called a tech support line and they were able to give him the fix. Turns out it was quite simple, and he was rather annoyed that they hadn't updated their technicians that this problem occurs and that it is a simple fix. Figures.

But, for those of you I owe an email to, it's still going to be a while in coming. I'm heading to the mountains for a couple hours instead of catching up on email. It's a rare, fairly warm and sunny late fall day, and I think I'm going to go take advantage of it for a while. Catch up emails can wait another while... sunny days not so much at this time of year!